Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Tropical Smoothie Cafe
85 Faunce Corner Mall Rd Unit A
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Avis Recommandés

Really good wraps and salads. Their smoothies are also delicious. Long wait at the drive through but it's expected since it's healthier food.
Review from Courtney via Citysearch
Peanut butter cup smoothie = a perfect blend of the three distinct favors (chocolate, peanut butter and banana). Absolutely delicious.
Review from Timm via Citysearch
Acai Berry Blast Smoothie with the Flatbread with peanut butter, bananas, granola & honey is the way to go!
Review from Heather via Citysearch
Great food and smoothies but slow service and drive-up is slower than inside!
Review from Dan via Citysearch
Got to try the Very Berry Green Tea Smoothie. Yum. Get without sugar or Splenda - still sweet enough
Review from Chris via Citysearch
Bring Something to do at drive through, it is NOT fast at all but inside is not better do just be prepared to wait. I don't mind as long as time allows!
Review from Danielle via Citysearch
On Mon'days at Tropical Smoothie Café, you can get a flatbread combo (flatbread, drink, and side) for just $5!
Review from Tropical Smoothie via Citysearch
The wait is long, but luv the place!! ;D
Review from Nathan via Citysearch
Love the non chicken Thai chicken wrap!
Review from Kassandra via Citysearch
Bring in the beginning of spring with our Strawberry Lemonade or Blimey Limey smoothies. They're so refreshing!
Review from Tropical Smoothie via Citysearch
Love every smoothie I've had so far, I love to try a new one each time!
Review from Tiffany via Citysearch
Beach bum dark chocolate is the best. I love it so much
Review from Bethany via Citysearch
All the Smoothies are great but you have to get the peanut paradise!
Review from Sally via Citysearch
Never come here if you don't have an hour because the waits are insanely long and the drive thru is slow as hell. However, the smoothies are delicious so I occasionally suffer it.
Review from Pam via Citysearch
Join Club Tropical for special offers, freebies, and more!
Review from Tropical Smoothie via Citysearch
buy the Tropical Smoothie Cup with a smoothie for $5 and get 50 cents off a smoothie when you refill it.
Review from Kevin via Citysearch
Food & smoothies are delicious but the wait is forever.
Review from Brittany via Citysearch
King Cesar Wrap is amazing! An the blimey limey low fat Smoothie!
Review from Georgina via Citysearch
Triple berry oat smoothie is the best!
Review from Sherif via Citysearch
Txt bamboo to 30364. Send out txts like once a week for smoothie deals!
Review from Meg via Citysearch
Bahama Momma all the way!
Review from Tori via Citysearch
Bahama mama! Soooo good!
Review from Elizabeth via Citysearch
Love the Turkey delight wrap!
Review from Jaime via Citysearch
Drive thru took well over 15 minutes...was only 1 car in front of me
Review from Sean via Citysearch
very slow but worth the waiy
Review from Tania via Citysearch
Cheap smoothies first thing in the morning
Review from Edwin via Citysearch
Mango Magic is the best!
Review from Diesel via Citysearch
Grreat smoothies here!
Review from Dave via Citysearch
Review from Tori via Citysearch
So good but the wait sucks! I want it now!!!!!!
Review from Brittany via Citysearch
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