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Plum Market
375 Maple Rd
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Great produce, top quality meat and an excellent beer and wine selection. Hard to resist picking up food from the deli. So good!!! Staff are very friendly also. My favorite place to go grocery shoppin
Review from Phillipe via Citysearch
Awesome holiday dinner packages, if you're not in the mood or no time to cook! Catering staff is excellent! Stop at kitchen/deli for a quick meal...mac n cheese and quinoa cakes highly recommended!
Review from Lily via Citysearch
Sushi is fresh. Salad bar has huge variety wine experts are awesome. Perfect fresh produce helpful staff and local. My kind of place
Review from Kathy via Citysearch
Great! Get all my fresh produce and meat there. Deli is also very good. Staff are quite pleasant.
Review from Phillipe via Citysearch
High end wine shop with great wine tastings. The owner likes to pour $100 bottles by the glass so you can taste the expensive stuff before you buy. -John Somerville, Top Chef
Review from Bravo via Citysearch
10% off coupons are often sent in the mail. There are usually 3 coupons on a page with different expiration dates. You can also get coupons sent to your e-mail and other deals/rewards if you sign up!
Review from Arielle via Citysearch
Best salad and hot food bar in town. Visit during weekend lunchtime for yummy samples!
Review from Katie via Citysearch
Amazing chicken fingers, crisp to perfection ! Ribs r fabulous too! And my fav Vegan Purprotein Salad
Review from Lindsey via Citysearch
Salmon burgers are worth the trip. Cook covered in skillet on med low heat. Flip after 8 mins or so depending on your preferences.
Review from Mark via Citysearch
I've found that Plum Market is often more responsive to special order requests than some of the other grocers stocking gluten-free items.
Review from PF via Citysearch
Don't forget to grab chopsticks by the sushi! Unless you want to end up like me eating it with a fork in front of everyone in the cafe.
Review from Tony via Citysearch
Two Degrees bars are sold here! Buy a delicious food bar and give a medically formulated food pack to a hungry child. Is Good. Does Good.
Review from Two Degrees via Citysearch
Great beer selection
Review from Josh via Citysearch
Mon Jin Lau does fresh Sushi at all the Plum Markets. There is an onsite Sushi Chef everyday. Try the Salmon on the Beach!
Review from Bryan via Citysearch
Better than Whole Foods. Similar place.
Review from Andre via Citysearch
I had no idea how great this place was. I could live off of the salad bar, no problem.
Review from Destiny via Citysearch
Plum Market carries Blenheim Ginger Ale and products from The Brinery. That's why I shop there.
Review from Richard via Citysearch
Friendly staff & quick check-outs-- but the crammed lay-out, high prices, and poor produce quality make grocery shopping here impossible. Okay place for odds & ends
Review from Alisha via Citysearch
Like them on Facebook today and claim the free Zingermans coffee promo.
Review from Sheila via Citysearch
I've heard it described as a mini Whole Foods. I can't argue with that description.
Review from Joshua via Citysearch
The lunch buffet has some of the best mac'n'cheese and crab salad I've ever had.
Review from Joanna via Citysearch
Happy staff, good food, local. What else can you ask for?
Review from Jon via Citysearch
Come to the cafe and try a latte or cappuccino...I heard that Brandon guy makes the best in town :)
Review from Brandon via Citysearch
The cold beet salad is fantastic as is the orzo Greek salad.
Review from Tracy via Citysearch
Отличный магазин! Широчайший ассортимент продуктов! Все сделано по уму :-)
Review from Антон via Citysearch
The lentil chips in the snack aisle are good. I recommend the sea salt flavor.
Review from Ryan via Citysearch
I love the fresh food from the deli and salad bar! Also the butchers are nice and extremely helpful.
Review from Elizabeth via Citysearch
3% healthcare discount with your Blue Cross Blue Shield card
Review from 🌴Sasha via Citysearch
Love the 8 o'clock bakery bonanza
Review from Jack via Citysearch
Sign up for the shopper club. 10% discount is frequent.
Review from Dave via Citysearch
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