Napa Valley Wine Train

Napa Valley Wine Train
1275 McKinstry St
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Great experience. You get to drink some great wine and eat delicious food all while checking out the beautiful scenery. Our waitress was very informative about all the vineyards we passed.
Review from Tessa via Citysearch
If you are visiting Napa I suggest a day on the train. A leisurely lunch up the valley with stops a vineyards as an option. You won’t be disappointed, sit back and chill.
Review from Shaun via Citysearch
An amazing experience! Even though we took a tour at night, it was still phenimenal. The food, the music, the tour of Grgich Winery - all made for an unforgetable experience!
Review from Elena via Citysearch
Vista Dome is worth it! You can also bring your own wine (there's a corkage fee which is was reasonably priced that I don't remember how much)!
Review from Prev via Citysearch
Bought our tickets for the night train and had a great dinner with great server , Jose. Don't forget tip your server and the people who bring your desserts . The swordfish special was a must order
Review from Lori via Citysearch
Extraordinary trip! The less expensive trip but its worth it, is the grinch hills winery tour! One of the best experiences you will have
Review from Thomas via Citysearch
Rustic experience. Combines the sights, sounds and taste of Napa's best. Good if you have not much time in Napa. Train carries about 40 types of wine and the shop at the station carries Napa's best
Review from Cheng via Citysearch
There is a $15 corkage, but that's way cheaper than buying a bottle. Bring your own bottle of wine!
Review from Dyane via Citysearch
A really fun way to see the Napa Valley area while learning about and tasting local wine.
Review from Karin via Citysearch
A must go experience. The Vista Dome is the best you can try.
Review from Marcelo via Citysearch
Try the Ahi Tuna And Whitehall Lane Sauvignon Blanc - Thank you @winetrain for a delicious day on the Napa Valley Wine Train with @anniegirvs
Review from Jen via Citysearch
This train combines three of Napa's world-famous attributes: wine, food and scenery. The three-hour, 36-mile route attracts 100,000 passengers a year.
Review from USA TODAY via Citysearch
The lunch and dinner express cost the same but dinner gives you an extra course.
Review from Jonathan via Citysearch
I have never been and was on the list next year but after 10 women were kicked off for Laughing... Not on my list anymore
Review from Orion via Citysearch
Very organized! Amazing food by the chef!
Review from Teresa via Citysearch
Such a Fun, Romantic and enjoyable evening
Review from Gina via Citysearch
Gourmet food on a beautiful train ride.
Review from Martin via Citysearch
The Wine Train is a superb experience. Start with the Bloody Mary on the Lounge Car, YUM!
Review from Jill via Citysearch
Check out the Santa Train during the holiday season, a super fun time for kids and parents too.
Review from Jim via Citysearch
Check out the amazing wine selection in the Wine train Wine Shop
Review from Ryan via Citysearch
So romantic for valentines day !!
Review from Maicou via Citysearch
Look for the love lock bridge...
Review from Napa Valley Film Festival via Citysearch
The back of the bus!
Review from James via Citysearch
if you don't come up to Napa very often, this is great way to experience it.
Review from Russ via Citysearch
Great idea for that special holiday tradition. Not just for tourists.
Review from Michael via Citysearch