Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Tatte Bakery & Cafe
1288 Massachusetts Ave
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Tatte is my go to for brunch in Boston. The Shuk Shuka is my go to. The meatballs and their homemade tomato sauce can turn anyone's day around. Great atmosphere, Tatte never disappoints.
Review from Victoria via Citysearch
I have found so many yummy things here and it has already become a favorite for us to hit for dessert and a good espresso or latte! Staff are very friendly and helpful! The food looked yummy too!!!
Review from Ally via Citysearch
The croissant was huge, but still perfectly flakey and soft. They have dairy free options for tea and coffee as well! Go upstairs if you want to work or have a more leisurely atmosphere
Review from Sarah via Citysearch
Check out the second floor seating and coffee bar, especially if the first floor is busy. Plus, IG-worthy staircase😂 Yummy yogurt cup!!
Review from Sonia via Citysearch
Good sized cafe. Always busy, good interiors. Don't understand all the flies crawling on their open food though. Been here a couple of times for a coffee and flies crawling each time.
Review from Sushant via Citysearch
Amazing spot. Great staff, tasty fresh food. Love the sandwiches and the salades. Deserts are great too. Highly recommend
Review from Léna Le Rolland via Citysearch
Grab a branch on the second floor. It is the most popular cafe for Harvard students to have their lattes with croissant or sandwich over a laptop or a stack of books preparing for the next exam.
Review from Kirill via Citysearch
All of the food is fresh, delicious, and even unique. There are several locations, pick wisely as some get busier than others depending on location and day of the week. HIGHLY recommended!
Review from John via Citysearch
Find a seat, then wait patiently for a pastry or three. They’re more than just “better” than other bakeries. They’re in a class of their own. I love the rhubarb galette in spring.
Review from Margaret via Citysearch
Don't forget to check out the upstairs seating and coffee bar! Great natural light during the day and lots of work space at the big table.
Review from Sara M. via Citysearch
Mmmm their pastries are so fresh and flakey. Definitely go for that pastry basket with coffee/tea.
Review from Linda via Citysearch
Upstairs has shorter lines, coffee, some baked goods, and extra seating
Review from Sebastien via Citysearch
Very good coffee. Nutella cookies were amazing! It's huge so although might be packed it gets empty so quick.
Review from Jordi via Citysearch
If you're not extremely hungry, shakshuka is big enough for two to share for lunch!
Review from Helen via Citysearch
The upstairs has coffee and baked goods too! Croissants are delicious
Review from Sebastien via Citysearch
I think this is the best coffee shop I've ever been too!! So beautiful inside and delicious pastries!
Review from Dona via Citysearch
Отличный круассан с яйцом и авокадо на завтрак, вкусные тарты с орехами.
Review from Надежда via Citysearch
one of the best coffee i ever tasted in the US 👌🏻💞
Review from Maram via Citysearch
The chocolate rose is beautiful!
Review from Tiffany via Citysearch
Tatte early on a Sunday morning. No crowds and fresh-baked out of the oven.
Review from Todd via Citysearch
Excellent writing & snacking spot near Harvard.
Review from JJ via Citysearch
Pro tip: the coffee and espresso line is faster at the upstairs bar.
Review from Chet via Citysearch
Baked goods, sandwiches, and salads. Avoid brunch, tasty but a mad house.
Review from Rem via Citysearch
Lots more seating upstairs, in addition to a second coffee bar.
Review from Andrew via Citysearch
Anything delicious here! Such a cute and cozy cafe.
Review from Ece via Citysearch
Newly added place. Two floors. Great coffee and pastrie
Review from Matthias via Citysearch
Tart and latte were amazing, need to be back for brunch menu 😋 looked delicious!
Review from Evie via Citysearch
Great selection of pastries and baked goods + breakfast items on the menu 👍
Review from Reema via Citysearch
Best coffee shop in Cambridge - chocolate rose is great
Review from James via Citysearch
Best cheesecake in Boston
Review from Saleh via Citysearch