Zingerman's Coffee Company

Zingerman's Coffee Company
3723 Plaza Dr
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An Ann Arbor institution just south of downtown. Pick your coffee bean from the countless options. They will make your coffee however you want it (Chemex, aeropress, pour over, drip, etc.).
Review from Aaron via Citysearch
Awesome coffee selection with great selection of brewing methods. Try the siphon if you've never seen it before. And stop by the bakehouse next door!
Review from Jonathan via Citysearch
Best mocha latte I've ever had. Perfect balace between coffee flavor and deep chocolate.
Review from Michael via Citysearch
Ask for a Dirty Sheed - two shots of espresso, a shot of Mexican vanilla, ice, and cream. Delicious.
Review from Emily via Citysearch
Go in, stare at the coffee board pretending you know what it says, and then ask for a recommendations. Current favorite - Cafe con miel with almond milk.
Review from Michelle via Citysearch
If you're an espresso lover, try the Cafe Brevo. It's made with Z's roasted espresso and Culvers cream. Decadent, but delicious.
Review from Brandon via Citysearch
I sampled paw paw ice cream at the creamery It is "da bomb"--yummier and better than any ice cream. Who knew? Paw Paw is that fruit found near Paw Paw, Michigan.
Review from Brendhan via Citysearch
I know you can buy it all over the place in Ann Arbor, but the coffee is especially great when bought where it is roasted.
Review from Jeremy via Citysearch
Review from Isobel via Citysearch
Chris is great!! He knows coffee like nobody else! Great atmosphere! The mocha is perfect here.
Review from Gabriela via Citysearch
Zingerman's big, airy café is home to the Midwest's only Slayer espresso machine, which brings out subtle flavors that regular espresso machines don't.
Review from Food & Wine via Citysearch
Pembertino: two shots espresso w/ cane sugar coke and vanilla syrup, over ice. Amazing.
Review from Matthew via Citysearch
Cold brew with milk and sweetener tastes like chocolate.
Review from Michael via Citysearch
Get the cortado. It may not be on the menu, but it is optimal.
Review from Austin via Citysearch
If you get a job here you pretty much get all the free oranges you want.
Review from Brandon via Citysearch
Hang out on mornings when baking classes are in session, and you may snag a free sample!
Review from Catherine via Citysearch
Quite possibly the best place in the state for a cup of coffee
Review from Ashley via Citysearch
Best carmel latte anywhere. Period.
Review from Catherine via Citysearch
Nitro Cold Brew!!!
Review from Norm "Doc" via Citysearch
Their breve is To Die For!
Review from Watty via Citysearch
'spro straight up, not shaken nor stirred. Don't forget to tip!!
Review from Michael via Citysearch
Best espresso this side of the Atlantic.
Review from Dave via Citysearch
Best latte I've ever had.
Review from nathann via Citysearch
Try the Breve. It's delish!
Review from Kim via Citysearch
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