Hôtel Le Meurice

Hôtel Le Meurice
228 rue de Rivoli
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Back to my favorite le meurice Spa by Valmont . Always so good products and service. Maria the front desk is so nice . Justyne the therapist has the best hands and technique.
Review from Erna via Citysearch
Thats one of the most amazing hotels ive ever been to. Everything is so perfect, its breathing by luxury. In the morning- breakfast a la carte, no buffets, in 2michelin starred resto. Highly recom.
Review from Miss via Citysearch
Facing the Jardin des Tuileries, it’s hard to get more central than this hotel, and you don’t have to leave the building to enjoy one of the city’s most delicious & opulent dining experiences.
Review from CNN via Citysearch
"You might start with foie gras "iodized" in sugar bread, followed by veal sweetbreads with chestnuts, and finish with melted meringue..." -Rough Guide on TripExpert
Review from TripExpert via Citysearch
Another great place by the Dorchester Collection. Dinner at the Alain Ducasse restaurant is a must. The spa Valmont is good as well.
Review from Feras via Citysearch
Be careful! In the AM, as you sit down you will be presented with a bowl of delicious pastries. If you now order a coffee or an orange juice, voila! You just signed up for the 48 Euro breakfast menu.
Review from David via Citysearch
Like their pink salt steamed veggie, and very very good service. We ordered lunch set menu, and they helped to fulfill our request even not on the menu
Review from Qiaoning via Citysearch
first time I was here I had lunch at the restaurant, such an experience. Second time was staying with the hotel, not as impressive as the first time, however, the breakfast was quite amazing.
Review from Chloe via Citysearch
One of the best hotels in Paris. Feels like versaille. The staff is truly impeccable. Every room in the hotel is breathtaking.
Review from April Kate 🍴 via Citysearch
Everything is very beautiful and perfect
Review from AlSharif Adel via Citysearch
Una excelente cena para celebrar los 20+ de Cindy. Y seguro celebraremos muchos más
Review from Marcos via Citysearch
Combining exceptional 18th century opulence with contemporary chic, Le Meurice embodies the perfect French palace hotel.
Review from Eric via Citysearch
Very chic hotel in the heart of Paris in front of Les Tuilleries. Good place for business meeting or event.
Review from Io via Citysearch
I love this hotel 💜 helpful staff, restaurants are really good, Valmont SPA 💕 and great location.
Review from Manal via Citysearch
Location in Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen. The alfresco wine tasting is at La Belle Étoile, the rooftop suite of Hotel Le Meurice, 228 rue de Rivoli (metro: Tuileries), overlooking the Tuileries
Review from Nick via Citysearch
Skip the thought of eating at this Dorchester hotel and head straight to the bar for great service and well-made (expensive) drinks in a wonderful ambience. You might even run into some French celebs…
Review from A. via Citysearch
In just one of its many attentions to detail, the hotel now offers its guests the use of iPods to entertain them as they jog in the Tuileries gardens opposite.
Review from Paris Aéroport via Citysearch
Le Meurice was one of the more wished for places throughout 2015’s I Want Somewhere holiday campaign. Where’s your somewhere? Enter to win a bucket list experience.
Review from Staff Picks via Citysearch
Not only a first class hotel with all of its virtues, but a WWII historical stop too. The last German command of Paris was HQ'ed here.
Review from Ken via Citysearch
Богатым и знаменитым пришелся по вкусу отель Le Meurice в двух шагах от Сада Тюильри. Например, Джей-Ло не скупится снимать пентхаус за 20 000.
Review from HotelLook via Citysearch
From review of Midnight in Paris film--Ever the showman,Dali spent at least one month of each year at Le Meurice. Determined to live up as as Master of the Surreal.demanded a horse be sent to his room
Review from Nick via Citysearch
Superbe hôtel merveilleusement bien situé. Les chambres sont extraordinairement luxueuses.
Review from Vincent via Citysearch
From review of Midnight in Paris film -- Dubbed the ‘Hotel of Kings’ – Queen Victoria, Alphonse XIII and the Shah of Iran (who was deposed by the Iranian revolution while staying here),Picasso, Dali.
Review from Nick via Citysearch
C'est ici que se déroulent les petits déjeuners formations de Baobaz sur des thèmes variés du digital marketing. Le 22 juin, assistez à celui portant sur le digital in store. Contactez-nous !
Review from armstrong via Citysearch
Just opposite the Jardin des Tuileries, the hotel is consistently the stay of choice for celebs and fashion royalty each season.
Review from Katie via Citysearch
There's nothing but perfection in this property: from Bar 228 to the Alain Ducasse restaurant to the Philippe Starck decor. The rooms are whispery calm: great contrast to the Dali-esque public spaces
Review from Saxon via Citysearch
Rich and famous came to taste the hotel Le Meurice in two steps from the Tuileries Garden. For example, Jennifer Lopez does not skimp to rent penthouse for 20,000.
Review from HotelLook via Citysearch
Бесплатный WiFi ловит только в холле( А за WiFi в номере надо платить 24 евро в день. Free WiFi in hall only((( For WiFi in the room you have to pay 24 € per day.
Review from Viktoria via Citysearch
Elegance in Paris - talk about the premiere hotel in Paris and it is the Le Meurice. From the arrival to our beautiful suite and during our impecable stay, oh la la! Manifique!
Review from Eric via Citysearch
Рекомендую. Великолепный отель, очень заботливы и внимательный персонал..
Review from Ksenia via Citysearch
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