The Charles Hotel

The Charles Hotel
1 Bennett St
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Best place to stay in Boston area. Rooms are great. Food & entertainment venues are amazing. Gym is top-notch. Staff is professional & congenial. Beds are a bit soft. Great place to stay near Harvard.
Review from David via Citysearch
Solid hotel option for the area. Easy walk to Harvard Square. Good sized rooms. Room service food was good. Minibar is nice to have in a world where these are disappearing in this property category.
Review from James via Citysearch
Since its opening in 1984, the 294-room inn has been a rite of passage for M.I.T. and Harvard parents—and proof you can charge $350-plus a night outside of downtown Boston.
Review from Curbed via Citysearch
Had a 3 night stay room was large and warm although it was-6 outside. Large shower area great size beds. Extremely helpful staff always going out of their way to help. Would return if coming back to a
Review from Phillip via Citysearch
Excellent service and well appointed rooms. The daily free paper based NYT reminds you that your at Harvard.
Review from Rem via Citysearch
See "More Info" link for my review on Trip Advisor. The rooms here are very cool, w/TV in the bathroom mirror! Service from check-in to check-out was fantastic, & bring your skates in the winter!
Review from Guy via Citysearch
The skating rink outside the bar-rich Charles Hotel opens this weekend. Olympic ice dancer Loren Rabinowitz will be there, along with free chowder from Legal Sea Foods. (Sun., December 12)
Review from AskMen via Citysearch
Very nice hotel fantastic location great service and a really nice restaurant
Review from Good via Citysearch
Great place to stay. Very near Harvard - central! There's free Wi-fi, a TV in the bathroom mirror and the paper in front of your door every morning!
Review from Gil via Citysearch
Seriously comfortable rooms, including a lush bathroom with a TV in the mirror, and free wifi
Review from Kimba via Citysearch
Great place to stay when at Harvard. There's free wi-fi, a TV in the bathroom mirror and the paper in front of your door in the am is the NYT - heaven!
Review from Cheryl via Citysearch
Very nice hotel to be stayed in Cambridge.. Good wifi quality
Review from Seyda via Citysearch
I loved being able to watch TV in the bathroom while I got ready for the day! TV in a mirror! What an innovation.
Review from Alexis via Citysearch
The upside down pineapple cake is extra AMAZING!
Review from Godiva M. via Citysearch
The concierge has iPhone and other smartphone chargers to loan. Be sure to return before checkout to avoid the $50 replacement fee.
Review from Erin via Citysearch
Farmers Market at The Charles Hotel.
Review from Charles via Citysearch
TV in the bathroom mirror is soooo clutch!
Review from Aaron via Citysearch
Go to Henrietta's Table for coffee-to-go. It's self-serve at the cashier's table and at $1 per cup it's a great deal
Review from ed via Citysearch
Everything :)
Review from Godiva M. via Citysearch
Check out the skating rink out front!
Review from Eric via Citysearch
Best public bathrooms in Harvard square
Review from Chrissy via Citysearch
Ehhh... This is ok. I've had way better breakfast. Why do people over cook scrambled eggs.
Review from ᴡᴡᴡ via Citysearch
Mukemmel konum
Review from War via Citysearch
Please put air freshener in the ladies room
Review from Foxytk23 via Citysearch
Mirrors in the Showers. Sweet!!
Review from Rob via Citysearch
hunch boston is here! stop by and say hey.
Review from hugo via Citysearch
cenando en compañia del mejor amigo que tengo en Massachussets: Sam Adams
Review from alejandro via Citysearch
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